Marco Sosa
El Salvador
Born in El Salvador, Marco Sosa grew up in London, and is currently living in Abu Dhabi, where he is an assistant professor of Interior Design at the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, Zayed University.  Education: BA (Hons) in architecture, postgraduate diploma in Architecture and MA (with merit) from London Metropolitan University. 

"For his master's thesis, Marco traveled to India and carried out research on the needs of a particular nomadic community, resulting in the creation of architectural interventions, aimed at supporting a sustainable community.

He is a qualified architect with more than ten years of professional experience.  He has an ardent interest in design and a passion for investigating how materials form spaces, how people occupy these spaces, and the effect of these spaces on the environment of inhabitants.  He has participated in group exhibitions in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and Venice, Italy."

Sosa, Marco. Al Bidiya Mosque: A Visual Essay. Dubai: Zayed University Books, 2012.
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