Shaista Khan
r. 1664–1688

Mirza Abu Talib Mughal governor of Bengal from 1664 to 1688. Better known as Shaista Khan was a subahdar and a general in the Mughal army. A maternal uncle to Emperor Aurangzeb,[3] he served as the Mughal governor of Bengal from 1664 to 1688, and was a key figure during the rule of his nephew. Under Shaista Khan's authority, the city of Dhaka and Mughal power in the province attained its greatest heights. One of this notable achievements was the Mughal conquest of Chittagong. In the year 1660, he was sent to participate in the struggle against the Maratha king Shivaji. However, he was defeated in a surprise attack and lost one of his sons. He then left Pune and shifted his camp to Aurangabad. haista Khan was of Persian origin. His grandfather Mirza Ghias Beg Itimaduddaula and father Asaf Khan were the wazirs of the Mughal Emperors Jahangir and Shahjahan, respectively. Emperor Jahangir awarded the title of Shaista Khan to Mirza in recognition of his family's service and position in the Mughal court.He is said as being the brother of Shahjahan's wife though it is not clear if he was cousin or real.

Shaista Khan trained and served with the Mughal army and court, winning multiple promotions and being appointed governor of various provinces. He also developed a reputation as a successful military commander and grew close to the prince Aurangzeb when the duo fought against the kingdom of Golconda. Shaista Khan is also known as being very cruel, It is said that shaista khan also wanted to take control of the mughal empire[citation needed]. He couldn't succeed and then became a loyal follower and prominent personality in the court of aurangzeb and the Mughal Empire at that time.

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Mirza Abu Talib
Mirza Abu Talib