Arif Hasan
Mr. Arif Hasan, a Pakistani architect and planner, teacher, social researcher, and writer, studied architecture at the Oxford Polytechnic, England, from 1960 to 1965, and established an independent architecture practice in Karachi in 1968. He has been a consultant to various United Nations agencies, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, and community groups both in the North and South. Mr. Hasan is renowned for his involvement with low-income settlement programmes, and is the architect of a large number of important residential, commercial, and educational facilities in Pakistan. The Orangi Pilot Project to which he is consultant has attracted international attention and, in 1990, the Japanese government presented Mr. Hasan with its International Year for the Shelterless Memorial Award. Mr. Hasan served as a member of the 1992 and 1995 Award Steering Committees, and as a member of the 1989 Award Technical Review.

(Source: Architecture Beyond Architecture: Creativity and Social Transformations in Islamic Cultures. The 1995 Aga Khan Award for Architecture. London, Lanham MD: Academy Editions. 1995)
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