Serge Santelli
Serge Santelli was born in 1944 in Paris, and received a Master of Architecture and City Planning degree from
the University of Pennsylvania in 1970. He worked in the atelier of Louis Kahn before becoming an assistant
professor at the Institut Technologique d'Art in Tunis. Since 1973, he has taught at the Ecole d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville and has been responsible for the "Habitat au Maghreb" workshop since 1985. In addition to a number of projects in France, Tunisia and Senegal, Santelli has researched and published numerous articles on Arab and-Islamic architecture and urbanism in North Africa and more particularly on the traditional and contemporary habitat of that region. He received the Aga
Khan Award for Architecture in 1983 for the Residence Andalous in Tunisia. Serge Santelli is the architect of
the Lakeside Cafe in Azhar Park, Cairo (2004).

(Source: AKTC)
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