Derek Lovejoy
United Kingdom

From his early days as a student at Harvard, Derek Lovejoy was passionate about landscape architecture and determined to influence both the profession and the future planning and design of post-war Britain. He was elected the youngest president of the Landscape Institute in 1971, having returned to England in 1956 to found the firm over which he presided until his retirement in 1988.

'As consultant and senior advisor to the new partnership he remained as enthusiastic as ever, celebrating the firm's 40th anniversary last year alongside his friends, influential clients, architects and engineers, with whom the firm has collaborated on projects throughout the UK, Europe and overseas.

'Derek was passionate about landscape and always a great sponsor for trees. He was trustee of the Queen's Trees. He used to say: 'We have planted a million trees, ' and he may well have planted that number.

Source: David Blackwood Murray, chairman of DLP (From the Architects Journal)

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