Islamabad Landscaping
Islamabad, Pakistan
In 1959, a site on the northwest of the newly independent Pakistan was chosen and named Islamabad. Doxiadis Associates of Athens were commissioned to design the master plan in 1960. Islamabad is located on an area of 909 sq.m at the foot of the Himalaya mountain range. An autonomous governmental body was established for the implementation of the master plan under the name The Capital Development Authority (CDA).

The landscaping of Islamabad was carried out by Derek Lovejoy and Partners in collaboration with many other designers and included the lanscaping of the following:
  • landscaping treatment of roads and highways;
  • landscaping of the state guest house;
  • landscaping of neighbourhood centers;
  • landscaping of housing projects;
  • landscaping of Atomic Energy Research Center;
  • landscaping of national parks; and
  • landscaping of governmental buildings.

The landscaping of Islamabad has served to improve and enrich the townscape on every scale, from small houses to the large centers. The landscaping programme unifies the work of various architects, enriches the master plan, and creates a sense of continuity through Islamabad.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Islamabad, Pakistan
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landscaping completed 1970
Master plan 1960
909 km²
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