Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation
Riwaq is a Palestinian organization for the preservation of architectural heritage. It was conceived by architect Suad Amiry and opened its doors in 1991. RIWAQ has recognized the challenging complexities of preserving Palestinian collective memory through projects that document and restore architectural heritage sites across the West Bank and Gaza. Harnessing the energy and skills of students, architects, archaeologists, and historians, RIWAQ embarked on the Registry of Historic Buildings, a thirteen year project (1994-2007) resulting in the publication of three volumes that include detailed histories, maps, and photos of approximately 420 villages in sixteen districts across the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza. Other projects have not been as vast in size, but boast a similarly vision with equally lasting impacts. Through its work, RIWAQ has succeeded in responding to the vital question of what it takes to rehabilitate an entire town, not only physically, but socially, culturally, and economically.

Source: Website of Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation.
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Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation