Ivaz bin Ahi Bayezid
d. 1428
Architect and Commander Haci Ivaz Pasa (son of Ahi Bayezid) was born in the town of Kazova (Tokat). He first served the Ottoman army during the rule of Bayezid I as the leader of cavalry troops under Prince Çelebi Mehmed (later Mehmed I) in Amasya. Appointed by Bayezid I as commander of the sub-region (sancak) of Kocaeli, he fought in the war of Ankara against Tamerlane in 1402. He became the prefect of Bursa towards the end of the princely wars (Interregnum) following Tamerlane's victorious retreat and defended the city against the Karamanoglu attacks. In 1413, Mehmed I seized the rule and restored the empire, establishing Haci Ivaz Pasa as third vizier. Ivaz Pasa became second vizier under Murad II (1421-1451) who soon blinded him based on rumors of disloyalty. He died from plague in 1428 and was buried in his mausoleum located in the Pinarbasi cemetery of Bursa.

Haci Ivaz Pasa is the patron of numerous public works in Bursa, Tokat, Manisa and Edirne. His endowment in Bursa is located in the market neighborhood and consists of a mosque and medrese that were financed by a han and a market that still survives under his name.

Inscriptive plaques (kitabe) on both sides of the entrance to the Green Mosque in Bursa mention Haci Ivaz Pasa as the architect of this mosque and the tomb of Mehmed I. His other works include Ipek and Geyve Hans (Market neighborhood, Bursa), the Mosque of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed (Dimetoka, Tekirdag) and the rebuilding of the Ulubad Bridge (Bursa road.) As exemplified by the work of Persian craftsmen on the Green Complex, Haci Ivaz Pasa sought to improve the architecture of the empire by bringing into the capital artists and artisans from different regions of the Islamic world.

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Haci Ivaz Pasa Ibn Ahi Bayezid