Arnaldo Vescovo
b. 1961
Arnaldo Vescovo is a Rome-based photographer whose  specializes in fine art photography, landscape, archeology, and architecture. His images have been featured in dozens of books, and countless issues of major art and travel magazines. He received a degree in classical studies and began working in the tourism industry as tour leader for operators specialized in cultural journeys. Inspired to depict the cultural and environmental heritage of Italy and Europe more broadly, Vescovo turned to photography, which since 1995 has gradually became his main professional activity. Vescovo has stated
I am constantly researching and exploring the aesthetics of shot, composition and light. Light creates the architectural spaces and reveals the landscape’s depth. I think that photography has the same importance in historical subjects’ description as critical writings and I dedicate myself to find the timeless beauty of art masterpieces by my sensitivity.
His photographic oeuvre contains 6x6, 6x9 and 35mm format photography and taken since 1996. in recent years he has begun to work with digital photography as well. He has carried out important photographic studies of the work of the celebrated baroque architect Borromini; the churches of Rome; and important landscapes, cities, or historical sites throughout Italy and Europe. 

He has worked for the principal churches in Rome; the best-known Italian art and travel magazines (Bell’Italia, Meridiani, Travel, Traveller, Beautiful Itineraries, Dolce and many others); and important cultural institutes in Italy the Mediterranean. He currently specializes in illustrated art books,  His work has been published in more than 40 books commission by presses such as Silvana Editoriale, Federico Motta/Il Sole 24 Ore, Jaca Book, Schnell und Steiner and Electa-Mondadori.  His most recent publications are La Fabrique des Saintes, published by the Louvre Museum and Somogy; and Art of Empire, published by Yale University Press, both in 2015.  Titles to be published in 2016 include L'Arte Cisterncense from Jaca Book in Milan, and The Red Monastery (with texts by Elizabeth Bolman) from Yale University Press.  

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