N. Müge Cengizkan
N. Müge Cengizkan, architectural critic and writer, was born in Ankara in 1978 and received a BA (1999), and MA (2001) from the Middle East Technical University, Department of Architecture. She served as the editor of Mimarlık, a Turkish architectural journal published by the Chamber of Architects of Turkey (CAT) since 1963, between 2002 and 2014. Cengizkan has edited more than 10 books and coordinated more than 150 CAT Publications. 

Additionally, Cengizkan has contributed to the coordination of the following CAT awards and exhibition programs: the National Architecture Exhibition and Awards Programme (2004-present); the Commemoration Programme (on Mimar Kemalettin, Seyfi Arkan, Zeki Sayar, Haluk Baysal-Melih Birsel, Ernst Egli, 2006-present); the Mimar Sinan Awarded Architects Programme (on Ziya Tanalı, Mehmet Konuralp, Erkut Şahinbaş, Ersen Gürsel, 2008-present). She has furthered served as a nominator for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Mies van der Rohe European Contemporary Architecture Awards, The Museum of Modern Art / MoMA PS1: İstanbul Modern YAP Project, and the World Architecture Community Architecture Award. Cengizkan has also served on various architectural project juries contributed to courses at METU, TEDU, İzmir Economy and TOBB universities, and acted as a member of  the selection committee for the Contemporary Architecture book series (a VÇMD project), established by TSMD-Vitra. 

Cengizkan continues to work as freelance editor and curator, while serving as the Publication and Exhibition Coordinator of CAT, detailing her professional activities at: mugecengizkan.blogspot.com.tr

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Variant Names
Müge Cengizkan