Experimental Branch of Architecture
"Experimental Branch of Architecture [Metropolitan] was founded in 2005 by Arash Mozafari, Babak Rashedi, Aqil Bahra, Ashkan Sedigh, Pedram Dibazar, Siavash Ghabraie and Siavash Afshar who have worked together professionally in a group from 1998 . Since then, many have joined or left the group. From 2001 onwards, Arash Mozafari has played the leading role as the CEO in the group.
EBA[M] considers itself an experimental branch of contemporary architecture which, based on experimentation in the field of architectural culture and knowledge, endeavors to play a role in the development of cities and living environment. EBA[M] regards experimentation and practice as an essential commitment in exploring different fields of architecture ad urbanism. 
Today, the number of office members has increased up to 50 employees."

EBA. "About us." Accessed September 6, 2016.

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