Qasr Garden Museum
Tehrān, Iran
Originally built as a palace on the order of Fat'h Ali Shah of the Qajar dynasty in 1790, Qasr Prison was one of the oldest of Tehran’s political prisons, first opened in 1928. It was closed in 2008, and the existing buildings now include relaxing and beautiful galleries, libraries, an amphitheatre, cafes and restaurants, adding public space to a crowded city. The buildings, particularly those in brick, have been protected and restored, especially the prisons (including the Markov building), and the history of Iran and of this site is documented by historic displays in the galleries. The public garden without a fence creates a strong sense of ownership in the city’s people.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tehrān, Iran
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Completed 2013
18,000 m²
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Qasr Garden Museum
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