Architect and lecturer Alireza Taghaboni was born in Tehran, Iran in 1977.  He commenced his university studies in 1995 at “Gilan University”, in the field of Architecture. Upon receiving his master degree in Architecture in 2002, he began the PhD program at “Azad University of Science and Research of Tehran” and graduated in 2007.

Having working experience of about 8 years in different architecture offices, he began his own practice in 2004 and established “Nextoffice” in 2009.

He designed more than 60 projects and has received numerous architecture awards.  He is a four time recipient of the “Memar Award” (Iran’s most prestigious architecture award) for his projects: “Villa for a friend” (2008), "Amir Villa“ (2011) “Sharifi-ha House” (2014) and Ariochoob Showroom (2015).  In addition, his project   “Kouhsar Villa” placed second for the award in 2012, and his projects "Villa for Younger Brother" and "Safadasht Dual"received third place awards in 2015 and 2017. His projects “Construction Engineering Disciplinary Organization of Qazvin” and “Sharifi-ha House” were shortlisted in “World Architecture Festival (WAF)” in 2011 and 2014. 
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