Dara Shikuh, Mughal Prince
1615-1659/1024-1069 AH
Muhammad Dara Shikuh (often spelled Dara Shikoh) was the eldest son of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (r. 1628-1657/1037-1068 AH). He was designated heir apparent by his father but was executed in 1659/1069 AH by his brother Awrangzib as a result of a succession battle.

Dara Shikuh was a learned man and contributed substantially to religious thought. He was an adherent of Sufism and wrote several treatises on the subject, and was also knowledgeable about Hinduism. He translated several important Hindu texts himself into Persian, including the Upanishads, and advocated for mutual understanding and respect between India's two major religions. For this intellectual labor, he was considered a heretic by some, and this was to be the official reason given for his execution at the hands of his younger brother.


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Variant Names
سلطان محمد دارا شكوه
Sultan Muhammad Dara Shikuh