Mūsā I of Mali

10th Emperor of Mali, r. 1307- ca. 1332 / 706-ca. 732 AH. He is also the best known due to the celebrated pilgrimage to Mecca that he embarked on in 1324/724 AH. The Empire of Mali reached its apogee under Mansa Musa due to the construction of mosques, madrasas, and other structures. Scholars from throughout the Muslim world would visit the mosques of Timbuktu. The date of his death is not certain, as some sources indicate he abdicated in order to ensure the order of succession.

At his death the empire extended from the Atlantic Ocean to Atlantic to the eastern shore of the Niger River and Teghazza in the desert.

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Variant Names
Mansa Musa
Mūsā I of Mali
Mousa I
Kankan Mūsā
منسا موسى