SHAU Architects

SHAU was established in 2009 as two independent offices in Rotterdam and Munich and serves as common platform. Since 2012 SHAU runs also an office in Indonesia, first in Jakarta and currently in Bandung. The individual offices collaborate on a project basis and combine their extensive working experiences in well-established and internationally-recognized architecture firms where they successfully worked on numerous projects on various scales. We can therefore offer a broad scope of services ranging from urban to architectural project commissions. SHAU is mostly interested in delivering outstanding design solutions while embedding societal as well as environmental concepts in the design process.

To support this we can tap into our vast network of professionals and academics from different disciplines and institutes. SHAU collaborates with renowned offices such as KCAP in Rotterdam, URBANE, andramatin and mamostudio in Jakarta, stba in Karlsruhe, as well as universities and governmental institutions worldwide. SHAU actively engages itself with international exhibition curatorial, project commissions, writing, lectures, debates and international design competitions.

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