Alun-Alun Cicendo Steel Plaza
Bandung, Indonesia

The brief defined a multifunctional park – Bandung’s first such mixed-programme public space – where parts of existing local blacksmith workshops would be relocated. Inspired by West Java’s stepped topography, the design seamlessly blends the required sports facilities, central square for gatherings or collective prayer, art kiosks, pavilion, and spaces for local artists and street vendors, with the architects adding to the mix a Zen garden and a canyon ending in a water feature. The contours - made of steel ribbons supplied by local contractors - define open or more intimate/secluded areas. The steel pavilion’s angular geometry contrasts with the ribbons’ more fluid forms. Stairs and seating create spaces of movement and rest, while "hilltops" serve as platforms to display the artists’ steel sculptures. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Bandung, Indonesia
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Completed 2017
6'342 m²
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