Founded in 1998, andramatin is an architecture and interior design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The studio was initially a small team that designed residential projects before growing over the years and undertaking a wider range of work – from small-scale furniture design to large-scale urban design. The different project types include residential units, hospitality buildings, offices, cultural centres, landscape projects, religious spaces and art installations, among others. The studio has consistently designed spaces with a simple and straightforward treatment, along with a sense of playfulness. andramatin aims to develop projects that are diverse in spirit but still inclusive by underlining the relationship between culture and heritage today. The practice seeks to

approach conventional ideas with a simple twist that reflects and is sensitive towards the specific context, both environmentally and culturally. As a studio, andramatin is always developing its

craft and thinking about what is ahead for Indonesia. As a part of its contribution to the life of the nation, the studio has been continuously working on developing cities, including social projects and

public facilities in rural regions.

Source: Aga Khan Award for Architecture

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