"CEMAT (Le Centre d’Etudes Maghrébines à Tunis) is the overseas research center of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS). Based in Tunis, our institutional priority and mission is to foster a variety of scholarly interactions between Tunisian and American and among Maghrebi scholars. CEMAT offers a specialized library with works primarily in English on the Maghrib and the Middle East, and regularly organizes lectures, roundtables and conferences on themes pertinent to the region. AIMS is a member of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC)."

“About Us | CEMAT.” n.d. Le Centre d’Etudes Maghrébines à Tunis. Accessed November 16, 2020. https://www.cematmaghrib.org/about-us/. Archived at https://perma.cc/9YLC-XAR7

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Centre d’Etudes Maghrébines à Tunis
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