Fondation Mémoires pour l'Avenir
2008 established

The Foundation "Mémoires pour l'Avenir", meaning Memories for the Future (FMA), is a Moroccan NGO founded in 2008. It aims at strengthening the foundations of a modern, pluralistic Morocco by encouraging Moroccan youth to actively and positively engage in the community. 

The Foundation focuses on History as a tool for the consolidation of contemporary notions of citizenship, and for increased engagement in civil society. The FMA believes that a better knowledge of history strengthens collective identity and this increases the the ability of this nation's youth to resist the radical ideologies and calls to violence. 

FMA's members are convinced that when young people can see themselves in coherent, well-understood national narratives, they better understand themselves and their communities, allowing them to participate more fully in mapping not only their own futures, but that of society at all levels: local, national and global. 

To realize these ends, the FMA collects or obtains copies of archives on Morocco wherever they are located, and entrusts those materials to the appropriate institutions which whom the Foundation had signed agreements. Whenever possible, FMA seeks to repatriate or facilitate access to archives located abroad. Based on those archives, the FMA creates cultural events and tools to facilitate their dissemination to the public. 

In addition to the preservation of this collective memory and its transmission to younger generations, the FMA contributes to the citizenship consolidation process by implementing and supporting initiatives that incarnate its values: universality, coexistence, dialogue, acceptance of the differences, solidarity, responsibility, and social progress.


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