Rami El-Dahan
After working with Architect Hassan Fathy between 1979 and 1989, Rami El Dahan founded Rami El Dahan & Soheir Farid Architects with Soheir Farid in 1983. Since 1996, the firm is known as El Dahan & Farid Engineering Consultants, a limited liability Company.

The firm is especially experienced in Vernacular Architecture and the use of locally available construction materials, and techniques including training programs for Architects and masons as well as Rehabilitation Projects, Restoration of Historical and Old Buildings.

RDSF staff consists of over 30 Architects, and 5 professional structural engineers, technical support plus back-up accounting and secretarial help. The employee base is very stable and has a great experience working together on projects of all sizes. All production people have experience using CAD technology and all staff is computer literate. The computer technologies are regularly updated. This combination of well trained personnel and high caliber technical support consistently generates top quality with maximum economy.

Their latest project is the Ismaili Centrein Dubai (under construction). They have designed several resorts, centres and hotels in Egypt, such as the Movenpick Hotel in El Quseir (199I); planning and design of the El Gouna Town Centre, including commercial and housing projects, the Mosque and several hotels (1993-2002); Hyatt Regency Taba and Sheraton Miramar Hotels, in association with Michael Graves (1996). They have also completed a considerable number of urban planning projects and rehabilitation of historic monuments. They are the architects of the Hilltop Restaurant in Azhar Park, Cairo (2004).

Source: Rami El Dahan & Soheir Farid Architects Website. http://www.rdsf.com/ [Accessed April 12, 2005]
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