DAWOFFICE is a design studio founded in Barcelona, Spain, by David García in 2010. The studio’s methodology always considers the environment, the aim being to provide urban and architectural

solutions that are integrated into the context. Aina Tugores was a member of the studio during the conception of the Kamanar Secondary School project and the first two years of construction. She

was the person who led, with David, the conceptual phase of the project. The work methodology pursued in the studio’s projects is based on a continuous exchange of ideas between the team members, always generating various points of view that help to improve the result. In addition to respect for the environment, sustainability also plays an essential role in the studio’s projects – understood as something integral in all the processes of the project, not as an additive. It is important that the proposals make economic sense, respect the environment and adjust to the programme of needs that will have an impact on a better experience for people.

Source: Aga Khan Award for Architecture

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