Ahmadreza Schricker Architecture North

Ahmadreza Schricker Architecture North (ASA North) is an international architecture office. Founded in 2015, ASA North’s team of engineers, architects, curators and researchers collaborates with artists around the world to design and execute interdisciplinary projects that range in scale from exhibitions to private residences and urban master plans. ASA North is a more “traditional” architectural practice, while its sister studio, ASA South, operates in the “virtual” realm and is focused on innovation in art, technology, social interaction and lifestyle. Other projects by ASA North and ASA South include a 95,000-squaremetre virtual museum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and designing the master plan for a 7,800-square-metre cultural station and textile museum in the city of Kashan, Iran. Before founding ASA North and ASA South, Ahmadreza Schricker graduated from Harvard University in 2008 and later oversaw multiple projects at Rem Koolhaas’s OMA in New York, USA, and at Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland.

Source: Aga Khan Award for Architecture

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