USE Studio

USE Studio is a research-based architecture studio founded in 2011 by Mohammad Arab and Mina Moeineddini in Isfahan, Iran. It has won a number of national and international competitions.

USE Studio has continued to work in the field of architecture, taking a critical point of view and a strategic approach in facing different types of design and having a comprehensive understanding

of criteria that define context and content. Important is not only the physical context or the function (initial brief) by the client, but also the analysis of hidden layers of context and contemporary dialectics with the space. The studio is looking to respond through architectural disciplines to contemporary humans in the Middle East facing existing crisis (social rupture, individual and collective disappointment) and, by altering existing paradigms, recommends contemporary solutions. Also addressed is how architecture as a cell from the overall context can affect the related physical, social and cultural changes.

Source: Aga Khan Award for Architecture

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