Map of Isfahan at 1:2500 (National Cartographic Centre of Iran, 1963)

In 1963, The National Cartographic Centre of Iran (Sāzmān-i Naqsha-Bardārī-i Kishwar) published a map of the city of Isfahan at a scale of 1:2500 as part of a larger geographic survey of Iran. The map of Isfahan was published in 32 sections. In addition showing the city's modern street grid composed of large avenues (Khiyaban), the maps included details of many of smaller streets, alleyways and domestic structures in the city's centuries-old neighborhoods through which these modern arterial streets cut. Given their amount of detail, the maps were utilized by the Isfahan Urban History Project as a base for cataloging sites in its 1974-1976 survey of pre-Safavid structures in the city. In order to catalog, the IUHP team laid a grid consisting of quadrants measuring 250 meters square over the map sections, and used these grids as guides to identify the precise location of sites.

Bibliographic information: National Cartographic Centre. [Isfahan]. Map. [1:2500]. Tehran: National Cartographic Centre, 1342 [1963]. 

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