John A. and Caroline Williams Archive - Notes from the Archives
In 2017, an archive of approximately 18,500 images was generously donated to the Aga Khan Documentation Center by Caroline Williams and John Williams, to be known as the John A. and Caroline Williams Archive.  They had donated images to Archnet some years in the past, and those images are online now.  This new archive includes images, of which approximately 18,282 are in the form of 35 mm slides, taken over a lifetime of teaching and travel, from various places around the world, and predominantly in Cairo, Egypt, where the Williams' lived on occasion.  

To date, very few of the recently received images have been digitized, but the archive is open for study in person, as are all the archives at the Aga Khan Documentation Center, at MIT Libraries.  We have only begun to document the collection, which is in the form of an inventory, based on how the slides were organized when received.  Eventually, we hope to add a cross-referenced, intellectually organized version of this inventory and to digitize many images, but for now we have just the pdf of our inventory (which can be searched), and a few of the slides received in 2017 available online.  We have not yet compared the earlier gift(s) to Archnet, with the recently given archive.  Image specification standards have changed since the original group of images were digitized, so they are much smaller in size than they would be when digitized now.  
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