IJIA Volume 2, Number 1 (2013)
This collection contains abstracts for editorials, articles, and reviews in the International Journal of Islamic Architecture, Volume 2, Number 1 (2013). This volume is a special issue titled Streets of Protest: The Politics of Public Space, edited by Ipek Türeli. To view the abstracts, click on the orange "view the collection" button.

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  1. Türeli, Ipek. “Small Architectures, Walking and Camping in Middle Eastern Cities." pp. 5-38.

Research articles:

  1. Allweil, Yael. “Surprising Alliances for Dwelling and Citizenship: Palestinian-Israeli Participation in the Mass Housing Protests of Summer 2011.” pp. 41-75.
  2. Batuman, Bülent. “Political Encampment and the Architecture of Public Space: TEKEL Resistance in Ankara.” pp. 77-100.
  3. Chandra, Aditi. “Potential of the ‘Un-Exchangeable Monument’: Delhi’s Purana Qila, in the time of Partition, c.1947–63.” pp. 101-123.
  4. Khan, Ahmed Z. “On Design and Politics of Co-producing Public Space: The Long Marches and the Reincarnation of the ‘Forecourt’ of the Pakistani Nation.” pp. 125-156.
  5. Nejad, Reza Masoudi. “The Spatial Logic of the Crowd: The Effectiveness of Protest in Public Space.” pp. 157-178.
  6. Habib, Kishwar and Bruno De Meulder. “The Representative Space: Shaheed Minar – the Martyrs Monument Plaza in Dhaka.” pp. 181-200.

Book Reviews:

  1. Shaw, Wendy M.K. Review of Turquerie and the Politics of Representation, 1728–1876, by Nebahat Avcıoğlu. pp. 203-205.
  2. Carabelli, Giulia. Review of City and Soul in Divided Societies, by Scott A. Bollen. pp. 205-207.
  3. Dempsey, Anna M. Review of Harem Histories: Envisioning Places and Living Spaces, by Marilyn Booth (ed.). pp. 207-210.
  4. Farhat, Ramzi. Review of Dubai: The City as Corporation, by Ahmed Kanna. pp. 211-213.
  5. Kenney, Ellen. Review of Mamluk History Through Architecture: Monuments, Culture and Politics in Medieval Egypt and Syria, by Nasser Rabbat. pp. 213-216.
  6. Abou-Hodeib, Toufoul. Review of Ottoman Izmir: The Rise of a Cosmopolitan Port, 1840–1880, by Sibel Zandi-Sayek. pp. 216-218.

Exhibition reviews:

  1. Walker, Julia. Review of ‘Zaha Hadid: Form in Motion’, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Perelman Building, September 20, 2011–March 25, 2012. pp. 221-224.
  2. McKenna, Caitlin. Review of ‘City of Mirages: Baghdad, 1952–1982’ and ‘Change: Architecture and Engineering in the Middle East, 2000–Present’, Center For Architecture, New York, February 22–May 5, 2012. pp. 224-228.
  3. Demerdash, Nancy. Review of ‘Arts de l’Islam’, The New Permanent Exhibition, Musée du Louvre, From September 22, 2012. pp. 228-232.

Conference precis:

  1. Ellis, John. Review of ‘The City, Living Heritage’ The Second Regional EuroMediterranean Conference of the Consortium Montada, Convened at the Institut Moulay Rachid, Sale, Morocco, October 11–12, 2012. pp. 235-239.
  2. Wharton, Alyson. Review of ‘Looking Widely, Looking Closely’, Third Biennial Symposium of the Historians of Islamic Art Association (HIAA), October 18–20, 2012, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. pp. 235-239.
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