IJIA Volume 5, Number 1 (2016)
This collection contains abstracts for the research articles in International Journal of Islamic Architecture, Volume 5, Number 1 (2016). To access the abstracts, click the orange "view the collections" button.

Full contents of Volume 5, Number 1


  1. Khan, Hasan-Uddin. "Consuming Culture: Tourism and Architecture." pp.  5-26.  

Research articles:


  1. "Zamani, Pegah. Review of Persian Architectural Heritage: Architecture, by Mehrdad Hejazi and Fatemeh Mehdizadeh Saradj (eds). pp. 203-206.
  2. Shaw, Wendy M. K. Review of Şehrengiz: Urban Rituals and Deviant Sufi Mysticism in Ottoman Istanbul, by B. Deniz Çalis-Kural. pp. 206-209.
  3. Childers, Hope Marie. Review of Mimesis Across Empires: Artworks And Networks In India, by Natasha Eaton. pp. 209-212.
  4. Sohoni, Pushkar. Review of Making Space: Sufis And Settlers In Early Modern India, by Nile Green. pp. 213-214.
  5. Francis, Razan. Review of Mechanisms of Exchange: Transmission In Medieval Art and Architecture ca. 1000–1500, by Alicia Walker And Heather Grossman (eds). pp. 215-217. 
  6. Smith, Sarah-Neel. Review of Beyond Anitkabir: The Funerary Architecture of Atatürk (the Construction and Maintenance of National Memory), by Christopher S. Wilson. pp. 217-220. 

Exhibition reviews:

  1. Kadoi, Yuka. Review of ‘The Fascination Of Persia: The Persian-European Dialogue In Seventeenth-Century Art & Contemporary Art From Tehran’, Museum Rietberg, Zürich, Switzerland, September 27, 2013–January 12, 2014. pp. 223-227.
  2. Pasin, Burkay. Review of ‘Datumm: Documenting and Archiving Turkish Modern Furniture’, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Centre, Izmir, Turkey, February 6–24, 2015. pp. 227-230. 

Conference precis:

  1. Kale, Gül. Précis of ‘Forms of Knowledge and Cultures of Learning in Islamic Art’, Fourth Biennial Symposium, Historians of Islamic Art Association, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada, October 16–18, 2014. pp. 233-236.
  2. Amygdalou, Kalliopi. Précis of ‘The Levantines: Commerce & Diplomacy’, First International Levantine Conference, The Levantine Heritage Foundation, British Consulate-General, Istanbul And Italian Institute Of Culture, Istanbul, Turkey, November 3–5, 2014. pp. 236-238. 

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