IJIA Volume 7, Number 1 (2018)
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Full contents of Volume 7, Number 1


  1. Khan, Hasan-Uddin. "Because We Can: Globalization and Technology Enabling Iconic Architectural Excesses." pp. 5-26.


  1. Daher, Rami F. "Uneven Geographies and Neoliberal Urban Transformation in Arab Cities Today." pp. 29-35.

Research articles:

  1. Parpia, Shaha. "Reordering Nature: Power Politics in the Mughal Shikargah." pp. 39-66.
  2. Rey, Virginie. "The Radicalization of Heritage in Tunisia." pp. 67-84.
  3. Cohen, Elizabeth. "Explosions and Expulsions in Ottoman Athens: A Heritage Perspective on the Temple of Olympian Zeus." pp. 85-106.
  4. Waraich, Saleema. "‘Authenticity’ as Intermediary: Contested Memories of the Mughal Fort of Old Delhi." pp. 107-140.
  5. Himes, Adam. "Competing Visions for a Modern Emirate: The Government Centre of the State of Qatar." pp. 143-169.

Book reviews:

  1. Elsheshtawy, Yasser. Review of Under Construction: Logics of Urbanism in the Gulf Region, by Steffen Wippel, Katrin Bromber, Christian Steiner, and Birgit Krawietz (eds); and UAE and the Gulf: Architecture and Urbanism Now, by Kevin Mitchell And George Katodrytis (eds). pp.  173-177.
  2. Girardelli, Paolo. Review of Landscapes of Development: The Impact of Modernization Discourses on the Physical Environment of the Eastern Mediterranean, by Panayiota I. Pyla (ed). pp.  178-181.
  3. Ray, Sugata. Review of Artisans, Sufis, Shrines: Colonial Architecture in Nineteenth Century Punjab, by Hussain Ahmad Khan. pp.  181-183.

Exhibition reviews:

  1. Amygdalou, Kalliopi. Review of Thomas Hope: Drawings of Ottoman Istanbul, Benaki Museum of Islamic Art, Athens, Greece, March 24–September 25, 2016 and Anatolian Travels: 19th Century, Arkas Art Center, Izmir, Turkey, September 7–December 18, 2016. pp.  187-192.
  2. Caskey, Jill. Review of Syria: A Living History, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, October 15, 2016–February 26, 2017; Extended to March 27, 2017. pp.  193-195. 
  3. Derderian, Elizabeth. Review of 'Cairo Now! City Incomplete', Dubai Design Week, d3 Dubai Design District, Dubai, October 24–29, 2016. pp.  195-198. 

Conference precis:

  1. Giese, Francine. Précis of 'Islamic Art History and Archaeology in Crisis? Challenges and New Perspectives', International Conference, Madrid, German Archaeological Institute/Universidad Autónoma De Madrid/Museo Archeológico Nacional, January 12–15, 2017. pp.  201-203.

Architectural spotlight:

  1. Yücel, Şebnem. "The Aga Khan Award for Architecture." In <span style="font-style: italic;">International Journal of Islamic Architecture, Volume 7, Number 1 (pp.  207-223) </span>, edited by Mohammad Gharipour, Bristol: Intellect, 2018.
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