Mediterranean Postcards
Regional Surveys

The Mediterranean Postcards collection is comprised of postcards covering the area between Morocco in the west and Turkey to the east, with substantial representation of the Maghreb. While they were mainly collected before World War I (principally between 1902 and 1914), four cards display later dates. The original captions on the postcards are displayed in quotation marks within the image caption. It should be noted that, at times, the original captions are representative of the social attitudes (colonialist, Orientalist) of their era. Archnet captions provide a translation and, when possible, additional information. In keeping with their nature as objects, the Mediterranean Postcards are displayed in their entirety: their slightly asymmetrical shapes and dog-eared corners are a part of their history. Originally collected by a member of the Sinoutre family of Marseilles, the album is now housed at the Harvard University. Fine Arts Library.

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