Majallat al-Imarah
Publication Series

مجلة العِمارة / Majallat al-Imara (also titled Emara) was published between 1939-1950, with the exception of 1943-1944. The publication was later continued as "Majallat al-Imarah wa-al-Funun" between 1952-1959. Largely the project of editor Sayyid Karim, Majallat al-Imarah presented contemporary architecture in pre-war and post-war Cairo. We have preserved the advertisements and other pages that do not form parts of each issue's actual articles, with the exception of some blank pages. Many of the issues (but not all) retain their original covers and editorial pages. Archnet's copies of Majallat al-'Imarah were sourced at the Fine Arts Library of the Harvard College Library. Archnet would like to thank the family of Sayyid Karim and the Harvard Fine Arts for their gracious permission to display these volumes.

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