Disaster Risk Management Initiative Knowledge Bank

The Disaster Risk Management Initiative-Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture Knowledge Bank on Disaster Risk Reduction in village planning is a searchable digital library accessible through Archnet. The Knowledge Bank serves the union, rather than the intersection, of the two fields of village planning and disaster risk reduction.

While the initial geographic scope focuses on the mountain region of Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, and Tajikistan - subsequent extensions will be added to include Pakistan and India. These geographic foci will enable knowledge sharing and comparison of programs. The content material for each of these countries includes: 1) references to published scientific books and articles; 2) grey literature reports; 3) updatable databases (e.g., on disasters, censuses, etc.); 4) maps and GIS layers; 5) institutional maps with contact information; and 6) village planning precedents.

Photograph source: Department for International Development

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