Archnet Pedagogy Project

Purpose and Mission:

The purpose of the Archnet Pedagogy Collection is to make well-crafted and practical resources publicly available for those teaching the subject of Islamic art and architecture. The collection provides useful aids in a variety of media that can assist instructors in how they might approach and understand this diverse and prodigious subject matter and its extensive historiography in order to teach it more effectively. Sourced predominantly from the vast Archnet website, which contains both image and textual sources in a single location, the collection includes both prepared lectures as well as the ability for individuals to create their own using the ‘thumbnail bar’ feature. The prepared lectures are available for download as PowerPoint files and can be easily tailored to meet an instructor’s specific needs. The ultimate goal of the Pedagogy Collection is to facilitate and enhance the teaching of art and architecture produced by predominantly Muslim societies by showcasing the rich possibilities of Archnet.

Click on the image to the right to view the collection. Among the resources you will find are: 

A useful entry point for the study of Islamic architecture is the Archnet Timeline. This introductory tool situates the most studied historical periods and monuments of Islamic art and architecture in relation to their dates and to one another, thus facilitating comparative analysis of multiple periods. 

Finally, we remind you that this collection is under development and that we welcome your comments, suggestions, and contributions. 

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