Drawings of Islamic Monuments
This collection contains two series of CAD drawings documenting approximately 200 monuments of Islamic architecture. Showcased here in JPG format, these drawings are associated to their respective monuments and presented here as a complete collection; another unique and important resource on Archnet. The drawings are also available in their native .dwg format, in the "CAD drawing (.dwg) files" subcollection also found here.

The first series of drawings was created in 2002-2003, when Professor Nasser Rabbat, Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Architecture, Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, commissioned Saeed Arida (then a SMArch student) to produce a series of CAD drawings of a select group of monuments of Islamic architecture as a means to help facilitate his lectures and as a service to Archnet users. The second series of drawings was drafted by Arben N. Arapi for the 2005 publication The Age of Sinan: Architectural Culture in the Ottoman Empire, 1539-1588, written by Gülru Necipoğlu, Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Art, Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, Harvard University.
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