City Records

A primary focus of the Archnet is the development of the urban environment in Muslim societies. Archnet’s new place authorities are city records, published and unpublished, that link together the sites, publications, and media relating to a specific city, making it possible for users to more easily find these resources. These records will facilitate finding materials relating to a specific city even if they search by variant, alternate, or old names. 

City records published in this collection provide brief descriptions and histories of the place. They are linked to related publications, sites, and media, including general views or cityscapes. We hope you find these records useful. Users interested in the topic of urban development and cities may wish to explore the keywords: cities, city and regional development, urban design, urban development, urbanism, urban planning, or urban regeneration; as well as the Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme

This collection will continue to develop over time, so check back regularly. 

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