The Story of the City of Gaza
.راشد، هارون هاشم. قصة مدينة غزة. تونس: دائرة الثقافة بمنظمة التحریر الفلسطینیة،١٩٨۷-١٩٨٩، ١٥٠ص

Rashid, Harun Hashim. Qissat Madinat Ghazzah. Tunis: Da’irat al-Thaqafah bi-Munazzamat al-Tahrir al-Filastiniyyah, 1987-1989, 150pp.


The Story of the City of Gaza

قصة مدينة غزة

This book stems from “Palestinian cities” a series of publications aimed at reviving and documenting Palestinian history and heritage. It places the history, geography, society and administrative systems of the city of Gaza within the wider Palestinian context and that of its two influential neighbouring powers: Syria and Egypt. Thus, it incorporates the city into the history of the Arab legacy. 

The volume consists of ten short chapters which cover approximately 3400 years of Gaza’s history alternating between decline and resurgence. As for the methodology, the author relied on multiple historians and sources from different literary genres, mostly from several Arab countries. They are cited in the footnotes and alphabetically grouped in the reference list. The reports of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (1979) and the Palestinian documents of 1964 are key sources in the book.

The work represents a remarkable attempt at presenting the facts chronologically and is written in a clear and simple language aimed at the average reader. The first chapters omitted to describe social life in Gaza and focused on the economic, military, political, and scientific activities. The remaining chapters are dominated by detailed administrative descriptions of Gaza during the Israeli occupation. This book remains a serious attempt at documenting and consolidating the Palestinian heritage from various perspectives. 

Hamza Tebai
Tebai, Hamza. “English abstract of 'The Story of the City of Gaza'". Translated by Hamza Tebaii. In Cities as Built and Lived Environments: Scholarship from Muslim Contexts, 1875 to 2011, by Aptin Khanbaghi, 109. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.
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