Tashkent: Formation and Development of the City and Its Culture
Филанович, М.И. Ташкент – Зарождение и Развитие Города и Городской Культуры. Ташкент: Фан Узбекской ССР, 1983, 227с.

Filanovich, M. I. Tashkent – Zarozhdenie i Razvitie Goroda i Gorodskoi Kulʹtury. Tashkent: Fan Uzbekskoi SSR, 1983, 227pp.


Tashkent: Formation and Development of the City and Its Culture

Ташкент – Зарождение и Развитие Города и Городской Культуры

For the first time, an author has sought to unravel the culture of modern Tashkent. He describes its early urban foundations, and the gradual emergence and development of the city’s culture. The author estimates the age of the city to be 2000 years old. 

The analyses in this work are based both on written sources and on the latest archaeological excavations. Thanks to the material gathered from the micro-oasis of Tashkent, and based on its topography, the book studies the relocation of the previous capital Chach (known in the historical documents as Minguryuk) and Tashkent after it became the capital of the region between the sixth and eighth centuries CE. The book further discusses the development of the city in the later mediaeval period. 

The author presents the historical context and provides a physical, geographical and geo-morphological description of the Tashkent micro-oasis.

The author depicts the hydro-networks of the micro-oasis, and the chronology of the ‘Kaunchin’ culture.

The book contains an addendum consisting of seven tables with materials pertaining to the archaeological complexes of the urban settlements of Shashtepe, Kyurgantepe, Minguryuk, Aktepe Yunusabad, Aktepe Chilanzar, Hanabad and Binket, whereby the illustrations depict plans and maps of the city’s settlements, individual buildings, wells and reservoirs. The archaeological findings are shown in black and white photos.

Within the text of the book, there are other black and white pictures, maps, and layouts of the settlements and archaeological findings.

Shamsiddin Kamoliddin
Translated by Ivan Leonidov
Kamoliddin, Shamsiddin. “English abstract of 'Tashkent: Formation and Development of the City and Its Culture'". Translated by Ivan Leonidov. In Cities as Built and Lived Environments: Scholarship from Muslim Contexts, 1875 to 2011, by Aptin Khanbaghi, 142. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.
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