Malabata Club Mediterranee
Malabata, Morocco
The project comprises 200 bungalows forming the central part of the complex, on a beach front botanical reserve. The three phase project is a resort complex overlooking the bay, set in a park that was designed in 1915 and is now designated a botanical reserve. An existing villa was renovated to serve as the reception center.

In phase I, the private bungalows were designed and dispersed on the periphery of the park. A restaurant and services were constructed, and the existing swimming pools were restored. Phase II is the central part of the complex. It consists of 200 bungalows densely grouped around planted patios and shallow ponds. This phase includes further site development, and the construction of an open-air theatre. Phase III is composed of 50 rooms on the beach, and a raised, covered footbridge leading to the units from the central complex.

The primary structure is masonry. The walls are of rough stone stabilized with concrete coursing. Piers and columns are brick and cement mortar. The roofs are barrel vaults prefabricated in-situ using reinforced concrete.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Malabata, Morocco
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