Islamic Community Center of Tempe
Tempe, United States
The Islamic Community Center of Tempe (Tempe Mosque) was established in 1984, one of the earliest and largest mosques in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Built by the architect M. Afzal Ebrahim, the mosque is an example of "imported design" (a traditional design imported from the Islamic world) in American mosques, with architecture and decoration inspired by the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The eight-sided structure is topped with a gold dome and includes a minaret. The mosque is adorned with tilework depicting verses of the Qur'an transcribed in calligraphy. The Center also houses a small library.

The mosque is situated just to the north the Arizona State University campus, and today is practically within the campus. Adjacent to the mosque complex is a shopping center with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean shops and restaurants.

From 1998-2012,  the community center served as the site of the Phoenix Metro Islamic School (now Noor Academy). Prior to the establishment of the mosque, local Muslims gathered in private homes or commuted to mosques in Phoenix for Friday prayers.


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131 E. Sixth Street, Tempe, United States
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1984/1404 AH
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