Masjid Omar ibn al-Khattab
Los Angeles, United States
Masjid Omar ibn al-Khattab was the first mosque in California to be specifically designed and built for the purpose of being a mosque. The mosque is situated adjacent to the campus of the University of Southern California (USC), and opened its doors in 1994, on land bequeathed in 1977 by a mother whose children were studying at USC. The mosque is part of the Omar Ibn al-Khattab Foundation, a non-profit Muslim organization based in Los Angeles and established in 1982.

The mosque is currently one of only a few mosques in Los Angeles county with a traditional minaret and dome, and its green dome is an architectural landmark on Exposition Boulevard. In addition to prayer space, the mosque also serves as a community center for both Muslims and non-Muslims. The multipurpose hall and classrooms are often used by a variety of local non-profit groups, including the ILM Foundation and public agencies such as the Los Angeles Unified School District.


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1025 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, United States
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1994/1414 AH
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Masjid Umar ibn al-Khattab
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