Colorado Muslim Society
Denver, United States
The Colorado Muslim Society was incorporated in 1964 and purchased a building in a residential neighborhood in 1974, establishing the first mosque in Colorado. In 1978 a four-acre plot of land was purchased at the current site of the mosque, and a new, purpose-built building (Masjid Abu Bakr) was completed in November 1983. This construction included the mosque, with the existing main prayer hall for men and women, four classrooms for the weekend Islamic school, a kitchen, and separate ablution areas and bathrooms for men and women. In 2004, a multipurpose room, additional classrooms, and an office/management area were added.

The brick-clad building has a minaret and a central dome. It is the only Islamic center in Denver that has the appearance of a traditional mosque. There are numerous Middle Eastern grocery stores and restaurants within the surrounding area, as well as the affiliated Crescent View Academy.


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2071 S. Parker Rd, Denver, United States
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1983/1403 AH
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Masjid Abu Bakr
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