Islamic Center of Orlando
Orlando, United States
The Jama Masjid of the Islamic Center of Orlando is the largest masjid in Central Florida. The Islamic Center was incorporated in 1988, and according to Omar Khalidi, the mosque building was constructed in 1990-1991 by the Orlando-based architect Osman Baig.

The building is rectangular in plan with a dome over the prayer hall, and a minaret. It is currently faced in stucco with green accents, and a green dome.

As of early 2015, expansion plans for the mosque have been submitted to the county. Proposed features of the new mosque include a courtyard for prayer, a community area, an expanded prayer hall, and improved office, library, and conference room spaces. Renderings of the new mosque show 4 corner minarets and a large central dome.


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11543 Ruby Lake Road, Orlando, United States
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1990-1991/1410-1411 AH
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Islamic Center of Orlando Jama Masjid
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