Lighthouse Mosque
Oakland, United States
Lighthouse Mosque was founded in 2007, in a former retail space located on the ground floor of a three-story building. The space was formerly occupied by the Masjid Al-Iman until it relocated to Berkeley. In 2014, the Lighthouse Mosque moved to a former church building four blocks from the rented original location. This record on Archnet describes the original location at 4606 Martin Luther King Jr Way.

The mosque is located at street level, between a liquor store and the entrance to a highway. The prayer space is small and was quickly outgrown by the congregation, resulting in renovations and repairs to accommodate more people, including removing the building's kitchen.

To see images of the new Lighthouse Mosque located at 620 42nd St in Oakland, in the former Harvest Fellowship Church building, visit the mosque's Google+ profile [accessed March 2, 2015].


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4606 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, United States
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founded, 2007/1427 AH
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Lighthouse Mosque
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