Mission Viejo Masjid
Mission Viejo, United States
The Orange County Islamic Foundation (OCIF) was founded in 1996 and runs the Mission Viego Masjid, Pillars Academy, and Mission Viejo Montessori School. The masjid is located in the Park Madero Building, a modern commercial building occupied by the masjid, the schools, and the OCIF administrative offices.

The masjid is spread over 3 suites on two floors of the building. On the ground floor, one suite includes a bookstore in the lobby area, restrooms and wudu areas for men and women, the men's prayer hall with a maximum capacity of 375 people, and a sister's prayer area separated by a curtain at the rear of the men's prayer hall.  A second suite on the first floor contains a multipurpose hall and kitchen area. A sister's prayer hall with a capacity of 150 people, library room, and offices are located on the second floor.

A lattice dome with a crescent finial sits above the exterior entrance to the building. The prayer hall features shallow stained glass domes over the men's and women's sections, and lattice screens in the windows.


Orange County Islamic Foundation. "Our Masjid." Accessed March 4, 2015. http://www.ocif.org/about-ocif/our-masjid.
23581 Madero Dr. Ste. # 101, Mission Viejo, United States
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OCIF founded, 1996/1416 AH
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Mission Viejo Masjid
Orange County Islamic Foundation
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