Oakland Islamic Center
Oakland, United States
The Oakland Islamic Center was established in 1992. It initially operated out of a small building "not much bigger than a garage," until a 2005 renovation that expanded the mosque to its current size. It is a long, low rectangular building with a stucco facade with green accents, and a covered portico leading to a minaret at the front of the mosque.  The mosque is located on a street surrounded largely by Victorian houses, and around the corner from a developing two-block stretch of Telegraph Avenue home to a number of Middle Eastern shops and markets.

The prayer hall has a large tiled mihrab and three chandeliers, with a women's prayer space in a gallery area above. The capacity of the center is approximately 500 people.


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515 31st Street, Oakland, United States
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founded, 1990
renovated, 2005
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Oakland Islamic Center
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