Islamic Community Center of Phoenix
Phoenix, United States
The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix (ICCP) was incorporated in 1982 and was located in a variety of locations before moving to a former Baptist church in 1997. The building is an L-shaped one-story building clad in tan brick. It retains the general exterior appearance of a church, though the facility was renovated to produce proper qibla orientation and include ablution facilities. The building accommodates approximately 300 worshipers.

In ca. 2004, the ICCP began a building project to construct a new mosque on a plot of land across the street from the current mosque, designed by the architectural firm Art & Space Architects, Ltd. The new facility is a three-story 24,000 sq. foot structure located on two acres, with men's and women's prayer halls, basement with multipurpose room and kitchen, library, shop, office space, and ablution facilities, and will accommodate approximately 1,000 worshipers. The stucco-faced building uses a "Southwestern" color palette to blend with the surrounding neighborhood, while traditional elements of Islamic architecture such as domes, half domes, arched windows, and a minaret are present. The main floor includes the men's prayer hall, accommodating approximately 700 worshipers, while the upper floor accommodates approximately 300 female worshipers. The mihrab is centrally located along the northeast wall of the main prayer hall, and is flanked by numerous small windows on either side.

Phase I of the project, consisting of the shell of the building, parking lot, and property fence, is complete. As of 2015, Phase II of the project, which will complete the interior, is currently under way.


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7516 North Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, United States
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mosque moved to current building, 1997/1417 AH
process to build new mosque began, ca. 2004
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