Georgetown University Muslim Prayer Room
Washington, United States
The Muslim Prayer Room at Georgetown University is located in the basement of Copley Hall, a neo-Gothic upperclassman residence hall built in 1932. The room was converted to a prayer hall in 1987 and given the name Masjid al-'amoodayn, or "Masjid of the Two Pillars," in reference to the two Byzantine-style pillars donated by the university that frame the staircase leading to the prayer room. In 2003, Mohamed Zakariya, an American calligrapher and designer of the "Eid Greetings" US postage stamp, designed the interior of the room.


Georgetown University. "Muslim Prayer Room." Accessed February 10, 2015.
3700 O Street Northwest, Washington, United States
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room in Copley Hall converted to prayer room, 1987
Variant Names
Masjid al-'amoodayn
Masjid of the Two Pillars
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