Aeroport Ibn Battouta de Tanger
Tangier, Morocco

An airfield has existed in Tangier since the early 20th century. The Aéroclub Royal de Tanger built a hangar that existed until 1971, and the commercial airport was opened by Air France in 1948.

The current facility, formerly known as the Tangier Boukhalef Airport, the airport is named after the Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta who was born in Tangier. Currently, the airport has aircraft parking space of 40,640 m2 , a 12,000 m2 passenger terminal, and a  529 m2 cargo terminal. It was renovated in 2008. 


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Tangier, Morocco
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2008 renovation
20th c.
12,000 m2
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Tangier Ibn Battuta Airport
Tanger-Boukhalef Aeroport
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