Jordan National Museum
Amman, Jordan

This project is intended to showcase Jordan’s rich history and culture from the prehistoric era to the modern period and the establishment of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is composed of two main masses: the museum on one side, and the shop and cafeteria on the other. The two masses, which are connected by a bridge at the first-floor level, define an outdoor plaza that may be used for outdoor exhibits.

The buildings feature rough stone walls that are inclined at a soft angle and simple masses. The main inspiration for the elevations comes from the earth stratum that is so visible in many parts of hilly Amman as the mountainsides are carved and exposed where new roads and structures are built. The interior spaces are kept flexible and simple to highlight the exhibited materials.


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Amman, Jordan
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completed 2003
Design 2000
14,350 m²
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