Ancien Kursaal francais
Tangier, Morocco
Built in 1923 by Adolf Renschhausen, the roof of this building forms Renschhausen Terrace.  As is noted in the database at Tanger. El mundo en una ciudad, there is some dispute regarding when the building was constructed and by whom. According to Antonio Bravo Nieto it was built ca. 1905 by the same German company that built the other Renschhausen buildings. Tomas Ramirez Ortiz, on the other hand, argues that it was built by Lord Bute's Compañía Rentística and Ernest Waller 1920.

Owned by Onofre Zapata  the edifice housed a dance hall, cinema, casino, cabaret, and the terrace.  The interior decor, by Louis Casterán, former officer of the French Tabor, was eclectic, with each room decorated differently.  It closed at the end of the 1930s when gambling was banned in Tangier.  It is currently a hotel, with shops, cafés and restaurants on the first floor. 

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Tangier, Morocco
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ca. 1920/1338 AH
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Antiguo Kursaal Francés
Old French Kursaal
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